Cowboy Boots - From the Wild Wild West to your Wardrobe

10/07/2012 21:28

The history of cowboy boots can be traced back for centuries, although the design we are all now so familiar with is a bit more recent. In essence, these boots are a type of riding boot, but their common use by cowboys has resulted in them being referred to as ‘Cowboy Boots’. Common features include high heels and shaft and a lack of lacing. The pointed toe, used to make placing feet into saddle stirrups easier, is now more of a style consideration than a useful function. Cowboy boots are a major part of many fashion looks, and they can frequently be seen on the feet of many a male or female celebrity, including Jessica Simpson and Sienna Miller. The ability of cowboy boots to fit into nearly any look has maintained their status as a fashion go-to. Most often the boots are made from leather, with different colourful designs and patterns added to them. A wide array of design options Cheap Isabel Marant Sneakers & Boots & Heels Sale Online exist, so finding a pair of boots to match your wardrobe is easy. More unique boots may be made from the skins of more exotic animals such as eel, buffalo, snake, ostrich, alligator, elephant, and different lizards. And certain manufacturers now offer animal free boots made of synthetic material. Decorative stitches, rhinestone studs, and other unique additions have been added to these popular boots for centuries. There are two basic Cowboy Boot style choices. Western, also known as classic style, boots feature the famous tall shaft that runs to mid calf and has an angled heel that may vary in height. Most western style boots most commonly employ a narrow, pointed toe. Roper style boots are somewhat newer and are recognized by the shorter boot shaft that runs just to a point just above the ankle, usually midway up the shin. Round toes are the norm with roper boots, but square toes exist Isabel Marant Sneakers as well for style purposes. Both boot styles are popular fashion choices and each is commonly seen. The comfort found with cowboy boots owes much to the design of the boot itself, and manufacturers guard their fitting secrets with ferocity. Many common wearers of cowboy boots swear by certain brands due to the comfort of the fit they offer. The boots drifted out of style for just a short period of time, but they're quickly replacing Uggs as the standout footwear of the season. Whether you're looking to add something special to a cotton sun dress or tuck your boots into your jeans, the comfort and style of a good pair of boots simply can't be beaten.